Adventures & Misadventures in Loveland - CD

Intricate and poetic explorations on the subject of love and more.
Features the singles 'Hard Times', 'Bent but not Broken' & 'Willow & Sunflower', as well as the award-winning guitar-piece 'The Coriolis Effect'. 

Full-length (1hr/16trk) original-music CD

War and the World - CD

An intricate and emotional exploration of mankind's historical impulse to war.

Features singles 'Freedom' & 'Shred' as well as a creative cover of the Vietnam War era classic 'Somebody to Love'.

Full hour, original-music CD

Faded Name - EP

Collaborative multi-media project with poet/painter/singer/songwriter Rachel Elise.

Includes singles 'Faded Name' and 'What Are You Waiting For?'.

Four-song original-music/art EP

Woody Lissauer - CD

Features duos with Celtic singing sensation Chris Noyes, including world-renowned version of 'John Barleycorn Must Die'. 

Features singles 'Roses', 'Follow' & 'Ever'.

Full-length original-music CD

The Living End (Then and Now) - 2CD

Original music deluxe 2-CD set, one covering the long history of this tuneful alt-rock band and one of the collected singles, B-sides and lost, previously unreleased songs. 

Superconnector - CD

Classic album by Baltimore duo featuring singles 'Hold On Me', 'Strewn' & 'In My Room'.

Full-length original-music CD

Inside Rail - CD

Features singles 'Bitter Pill', 'Lighter' & 'Bars'!

 Full-length original-music CD


Passenger in Time - CD

2nd original music CD by Baltimore band Cubic Feet led by writing duo Woody Lissauer/Mark Davison

Full-length, original music CD, including 'Passenger in Time', 'Caroline' and 'Next to you'!

Across the River - CD

Warner Chappell signing the early Cubic Feet catalog accelerated he release of 'Across the River' getting music producer Stephan Galfas involved. It featured the single 'Stay' as well as the title cut. The background vocals are provided by 'The Weathergirls'.

 Baltimore duo Woody Lissauer & Mark Davison - full-length, original music CD